How to compress/extract file(s) and folder

While it exist a lot’s of compression program available (some are: arc,arj,bzip2,compress,dact,gzip,lzma,lzop,mscompress,p7Zip,PAQ8HP8,PPMd,rar,rzip,xz,zip,zoo), this post will show the simple way to compress and extract file(s) and folder using natif compression program provide with most distro.

File(s) Compression/Extraction

using bunzip2

bzip2 myfile.ext
compression without deletion:
bzip2 -c myfile.ext > myfile.ext.bz2
bunzip2 myfile.ext.bz2

using gunzip
gzip myfile.ext
compression without deletion:
gzip -c myfile.ext > myfile.ext.gz
gzip -d myfile.ext.gz

Folder Compression/Extraction

compression using bunzip2:
tar -jcvf myfolder.tar.bz2 myfolder
compression using gzip2:
tar -zcvf myfolder.tar.gz myfolder

extraction using bunzip2:
tar -jxvf myfolder.tar.bz2
extraction using gzip2:
tar -zxvf myfolder.tar.gz

note: during extraction, and on this particular example it will create the folder “myfolder” within the current location.

remark on the extension name:
.tar.bz2 can be replaced by .tbz or .tbz2
.tar.gz can be replaced by .tgz

For more detail on the program options don’t forget the man pages


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