How to copy a disk to ISO file

For this first “How to with LINUX”, i will show how to copy the content of a compact disk, or DVD, to an .ISO file.

The program used is dd (Disk Dump) that you may found within any LINUX desktop distribution.

The command you may use is:
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/`whoami`/mycdimage.iso bs=2048 conv=sync,notrunc;eject

dd, is the program name.
if=/dev/cdrom, source location, here the cd drive.
of=/home/`whoami`/mycdimage.iso, destination location, here an ISO file on home my directory.
bs=2048, block size in byte used to copy from source to destination
conv=sync,notrunc, conversion options, here specify sync to pad each block with null and notrunc will keep disk original size.
eject, is not a dd option but i’d like to add this to eject the tray when the dump is finish.

Of course there is many other option, see dd man page or googlese for “Linux dd wiki”


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